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The state or fact of existing, occurring, and being present in a place or person.

Upcoming Events

Father's Day Celebration

at Firewheel Church: June 16 @ 10am

Ascend Sat. June 22 

@Palomar Mtn.

July 4th Picnic

at Mission Bay: July 4

Brian & Camden Starley

at Firewheel Church: July 19-21

Charity Cook

at Firewheel Church: Aug 30 - Sept 1

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Healing Rooms

open every Wednesday

6:00 - 7:30pm

(doors close at 7:15pm)

CLOSED: May 29th

Do you need physical or emotional healing?

Come for prayer! We're inside the regular church building.

Interested in Global School of Supernatural Ministry?

Thanks for submitting!

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